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Glaucoma usually occur as a result of damage in the optical nerve.Generally,the damage is occurred as a result of the high pressure in the eye.The damage to the eye may be irreversible and usually glaucoma can be lead to blindness.The most common form of the glaucoma is the open-angle glaucoma.It usually appears in the middle aged and lead to a genetic problems.

In the open-angle type glaucoma ,the vision loss may occur very gradually.Other types of glaucoma are, closed-angle glaucoma congential glaucoma.Secondary glaucoma will be usually associated other eye disorders such as mature cataract, eye tumor and eye injury.


The main cause of the glaucoma is that high pressure.The increased pressure may affect the vision and may result blindness.


The main remedy to the glaucoma is the glaucoma surgery.Mainly the glaucoma are of two types:
Laser surgery and the conventional surgeries.

Glaucoma are generally classified into

* Primary glaucoma
* Secondary glaucoma
* Absolute glaucoma

Primary open-angle glaucoma, are also known as chronic open-angle glaucoma.The varients of the primary glaucoma are:

* Pigmentary glaucoma.
* Exfoliation glaucoma.
* Primary juvenile glaucoma.

Secondary glaucoma has the varients like inflammatory glaucoma,phacogenic glaucoma and traumatic glaucoma.

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