Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Treat Cataract, Save Your Child

Vision is one of the most precious god’s gift. And you can’t even imagine a day without sight. Some people doesn’t have the sight from their birth. For others, they have lost vision after birth. There are many reason for the lost of vision after the birth. Cataract is one of the reason. Cataract is the condition where natural lens of eye is clouded. Generally cataract is seen in aged people.

When you become older, the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. It is because of the protein loss in the eye. But, no one feels that they have cataract, as it grows slowly. Cataract never blocks the vision at the starting stage. But when age passes by, it become dangerous and person who is having cataract lose the vision.

Aging is the main cause for cataract. Cataract is classified into 4 types :  
Secondary Cataract :- It may be developed as a result of medical conditions like diabetes or exposure to drugs.
Congenital Cataract :-  
It may be developed as a result of medical conditions like diabetes or exposure to drugs.
Traumatic Cataract :-
Injuries and infections may cause congenital cataract.
Age Related Cataract :-
It may be developed as result of aging.

Symptoms :
  1. Problems of glaring
  2. Blurry or Cloudy vision
  3. Frequent and sudden changes in prescription
  4. Problems while you drive at night
  5. Double Vision
You can’t live a normal life without sight. So, obviously you need a treatment for this. Cataract surgery is the effective treatment for cataract. Macro phaco cataract surgery, YAG Laser for after cataract and Microincision cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) are the different cataract surgery.


MacroIncision Cataract Surgery :- In Phacoemulsification surgery, for breaking the hard cataract into tiny pieces, ultrasound power is used. Then they are taken out through a small 1.5-2.8mm incision. A foldable lens of the required power is then implanted. The soft construction allows the lens implanted to be folded for insertion through a 1.5 to 2.8mm microincision. Once in place, the lens unfolds to its regular size of 6 mm.

Advantages of this surgery are :

* Final glasses can be prescribed within two weeks
* Minimum curvature changes occur in the eye following surgery
* Early visual rehabilitation for the patient
* Post surgery, the wound is very secure

Micro Phaco Cataract Surgery :- The procedure is same as that of the macro incision cataract surgery. But this surgery has lot of advantages over macro incision cataract surgery. Incision size is reduced by 40%. This heals very quickly. Main intention of this surgery is patient safety. This surgery is nicknamed into “pinhole surgery” .

YAG Laser for after Cataract :- YAG LASER produces a concentrated beam of light that can focus on the iris or any thick membrane behind the intraocular lens. This laser beam can create a smooth, fine opening of desired size in these structures without affecting other sensitive parts of the eye. Laser surgery is painless and safe with few complications. Special eye drops are put in the eyes to numb them. A small contact lens is placed on the eye to direct the laser light on to the desired site. This surgery takes only few minutes.

We will get only one life to see around. Don’t miss this chance by being blind. If you find any symptoms for cataract, treat at the beginning. Neera Eye center provides different Cataract Surgery. Neera eye center is the leading eye centers in India. It is located in Delhi. Don’t waste time by checking for the best center.

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