Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Eye Treatments India

Neera Eye Care Hospital, Delhi, the best eye care hospital offers various eye disease treatments.
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Monday, 19 November 2012

Corneal Transplant--For a Better Vision

The cornea is the front window of the eye that covers the colored iris and round, dark pupil. Light is focused while passing through the cornea, allowing us to see. The cornea is the clear part at the front of the eye that’s responsible.  A healthy, clear cornea is necessary for good vision. The cornea is the clear part at the front of the eye that’s responsible for transmission of light into the eye. A cornea transplant is a surgical procedure to replace part of your cornea with corneal tissue from a donor, when is affected with cornea problems. 

Various corneal disease, which affect the health of the cornea and cause a reduction in vision can be treated with corneal transplants, including:
·         Scarred cornea
·         swelling of the cornea
·         Cornea infection often caused by wearing contact lenses
·         Complications caused by past eye surgeries or previous corneal transplant

Corneal Disease

If your cornea is injured or affected by disease, it may become swollen or scarred, and its smoothness and clarity may be lost. Cornea transplant is necessary, to remove damaged or unhealthy cornea tissue with a new one. A cornea transplant can restore vision, reduce pain and improve the appearance of a damaged or diseased cornea. A cornea transplant, also called keratoplasty, is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. Most cornea transplant procedures are successful.

In a corneal transplant, the cloudy or warped cornea is replaced with a healthy cornea. If the new cornea heals without problems, there may be tremendous improvement in vision. Most common complication of a corneal transplant is a very high and irregular corneal astigmatism which can significantly limit the vision with and without glasses.

Other complications include:
·        -- post-operative leakage
·        -- rejection of the donor cornea
·         --graft failure and infection. 

Photo: successfully operated Cornea Transplant at Neera Eye Centre..
successfully operated Cornea Transplant at Neera Eye Care Hospital

The cornea transplant is best done at Neera Eye Care Hospital, Delhi where the eye treatments are carried out under the guidance of Dr.Neera, the experienced and renowned eye specialist in India.
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Thursday, 11 October 2012

October 11-World Sight Day-For a Better and Powerful Vision!!

This world is visible to us because we are blessed with eyesight. Eyes are the most important  part of our life which  gives us a vision to see the beauty of nature. Eyes play a vital role in our day to day lives and are perhaps the most precious gift we have.

Eye is the organ which provides us the sense of sight, allowing us to learn more about the surrounding world than we do with any of the other four senses. We use our eyes in almost every activity we perform, whether reading, watching television, and in other number of ways.It is very important to take care of your eyesight.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 286 million people are visually impaired, yet 80 percent of the causes of blindness are preventable. The annual day devoted to sight awareness is focused on "Vision 2020: The Right to Sight," a global effort to prevent blindness created by the WHO and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.
VISION 2020 : The global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, a joint programme of the World Health Organization and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness with an international membership of NGOs, professional associations, eye care institutions and corporations.

In India 5 million cataract surgeries are conducted annually. 25% of the population has some kind of refractive error, which occurs when the eye doesn't bend light correctly (refract) as it enters the eye, and  results in a blurred image.

  • If you get something in your eye, never ever rub your eyes! Eyes are sensitive and can be scratched easily. Instead keep blinking wash your eyes with fresh water.
  • When playing sports or constructing, always use the proper eye protection.
  • You should never look into the sun directly, because its brightness will damage the light-sensitive part inside your eye called the retina.
  • The eye doctor is very important because he/she can let you know how your eyes develop as you grow. Visit your eye doctor regularly for check-ups, at least once every two years. People over the age of 60 must see their eye doctor every year.
             “Let’s avoid blindness by taking care of our eyes for a better future