Friday, 30 October 2015

Low Vision Treatment in Delhi

Low Vision mainly describes , the visual impairment of the eyes which can’t be corrected with the eyeglasses, surgery , contact lenses and other treatment methods.The Low Vision may also includes, the loss of the best corrected visual acuity which is also known as (BVCA) to worse than 20/70 in the better eye.


The main causes of the Low Vision :

Eye Diseases are the main causes of the Low Vision.The Low Vision may also caused by , hereditary and eye injuries.

It is also, observed that, the low vision or hazy,blurry vision can be results from the cataracts.The diabetes can also be a reason for the blind spots and blurriness.The poor vision may also results glaucoma.The light sensitivity and the loss of the contrast are the other symptoms of the low vision.

Both children as well as the adults may have the vision impairment by birth defect or by any injury.The Children having the low vision may have the problem in learning and they special instructions and care from the early stages.


Low Vision mainly occurs in the adults and seniors rather than in children's. People having Low vision may have the difficulty to driving, reading and watching television or computer screens.

It is better to take eye exams regularly to know the vision loss.Low vision cannot be corrected with the surgeries,so proper care has be taken.

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