Sunday, 11 June 2017

ICL Surgery – We care your Eyes

Vision one of the most precious of our possessions. To see is to feel and a disruption to it can often be difficult on oneself. Gone are the days when we remedied vision problems with spectacles or contact lenses. Technology has grown to incorporate better techniques for improving vision with both temporary and permanent procedures. 

ICL surgery is an advanced surgical procedure used in place for LASIK surgery wherein artificial lens are implanted in the eyes to work along with the natural lens to provide a stable vision and an improved vision progress.

ICL Surgery Procedure

The procedure of ICL surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure and is comparatively faster and painless than other associated procedures. It does not make use of Laser technology as in LASIK and can be reversed if needed.
The procedure is done after administering mild sedatives or topical anesthetics to numb the eye area. The lens is implanted in the eyes with a procedure similar to intraocular lens implant surgery lest the cataract removal. The procedure varies depending on the lens used.
ICL surgery makes use of two types of lenses namely Visian ICL, a foldable lens, and Verisyse lens. In case of Visian lens, they are placed between the iris and natural lens with the help of a small incision, where it unfolds into place between the two. Verisyse lens is placed in front of iris through incisions and then closed with dissolvable sutures.

Benefits of ICL Surgery
ICL surgery is preferred among many as they eliminate the hassles of managing removable lenses through a short and quick procedure. It can be completed in about 30 minutes and does not require hospitalization. They are relatively painless and improvements in vision can be experienced from the first day of the procedure onwards. The recovery period of ICL surgery is very short.
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