Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Neera Eye Center is one of the Best eye centre in Delhi and our mission is vision enlightenment.We know your concerns and worries and know how it feels when your vision gets blurred.Being keeping in this mind,we are always concerned to ensure the bliss of your eyes.Uncloud your eyes with our top class vision improvement procedures and alternatives.

At Neera,we have the expertise of Dr. Neera Agrawal and team of efficient doctors who have mastered the wide scope of ophthalmology.We are always happy to provide you with best available resources and amenities.You could interact with our experts and specialists to sort out all your vision problems.Our team offers first-rate medications,remedies,surgical procedures and treatments.We have a meticulous approach for advanced procedures like LASIK,C3-R,contact lens and Cornea Transplantation.

Apart from that, we offer benchmark procedures for common vision problems, eye infections,chemical or thermal burns, Cataract, Keratoconus, corneal disorders,dystrophy and stable vision progress(ICL surgery). For right vision take the right decision. Our string of ophthalmologists,optometrists and opticians are here to help you.

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