Sunday, 8 October 2017

Your Eye Care Is Our Top Priority - Eye Burn Treatment

Eye burn has many possible causes, ranging from the simple to complex. Eye burning sensation may include eye pain, itching, eyes discharge or watery eyes.

Generally, eye burn is caused by the non-avoidable environmental effects, such as smoke, mold, smog, dust, high pollen counts, or strong winds. Eyes might burn due to some chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pool, shampoo ingredients, or sunscreen. Eyes can also burn due to poor quality makeup, soap and other cleaning products, and skin moisturizers. Longtime wearing of contact lenses for a long time also burns the eyes.

 What is eye burn?

Any kind of inflammation that can develop a burning sensation is caused eye burn such as allergies in eye, viral or bacterial infections. Common cold or flu also burns the eye.

An inflammation in the eye itself is a major symptom and other symptoms are
  •   Redness
  •   Pain in eyes
  •   Watery eyes
  •   Discharge
  •   Itching
Some factors, such as age, certain medications, contact lenses, and bright light also burns eye.

If a person has a burning sensation in the eyes that persist for a longer time or few days then it is a time to visit the doctor. Neera eye center and laser vision, New Delhi has good treatment facilities to treat patients. Some eye tests may be performed by the doctor to understand the problem.

Treatment for eye burn includes washing the eye with cold water, use of eye drops, allergy medication and use of contact lens. The doctors of Neera eye center and laser vision, New Delhi provides the best medication for eye burn. Protecting eyes by wearing goggles, sunglasses, face masks, and other doctor recommended eyewear. Eat a diet that includes vitamins, beneficial for eyes.

Dr. Neera is a well-known eye surgeon and an excellent doctor to treat eye burn. The clinic uses latest types of equipment and instruments to treat patients effectively and efficiently. 

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