Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Laser Eye Surgery - Best Option for Corneal Disorders

Cornea is the eye's upper most layer that covers coloured iris and round pupil. Cornea has an important role in clear vision.

Corneal disorders refers to various conditions that affect cornea. If the cornea becomes affected with disease it will result in scars or discolouration that interfere the vision by blocking the light that enters the eye.

Cornea has the ability to heal itself most of the diseases and if it is affected with deep injury the healing process might take long time to heal possibly resulting in a variety of symptoms like blurred vision, redness and corneal scarring

Corneal ulcer is an abrasion or open sore in the upper layer of cornea and is often caused by infections from bacteria, viruses or fungi. Common symptoms of corneal ulcer are red eye, sever pain, swollen eyelids, blurry vision etc..It would be better to seek the medical care when there is change in vision and severe pain.

Treatment for corneal infections depends on the cause and should be started soon to prevent the scarring of cornea.

An injury to cornea is usually known as corneal injury. This may be caused by chemical irritation, overuse of contact lenses, reaction to contact lens solutions and scratches on the surface of cornea.
Slight injuries and abrasions to cornea are common though chemical burns may affect the cornea severely.

If cornea is badly affected by chemicals or foreign agents, It is best to seek a medical treatment without delay.

Corneal dystrophies are categories of inherited, non -inflammatory, bilateral disorders of cornea distinguished by corneal deposition and morphological changes. The diseased state associated with corneal dystrophies varies widely and if there is continuous accumulation of deposits in cornea, it may lose its clarity that results in the decreased vision.

Treatments for this disorder may include eye drops, lasers, ointments and corneal transplant. Corneal transplant or keratoplasty may be necessary for individuals with significant symptoms of Corneal dystrophies.

Allergies affecting the eyes are common and the most allergies are related to pollen, contact lens wear, medications and foreign agents. The common symptoms include redness, itchiness, watery discharge and burning.

Allergies can cause painful inflammation which may reduce vision, produce corneal discharges and erode the cornea.

Neera eye centre provides treatments for all corneal disorders that includes infections, injuries, corneal dystrophies allergies etc..

Although LASIK is the best-known procedure that helps patients who suffer from corneal disorders, there are many other types of eye surgery (PRK, LASEK, ALK, and LTK) and before deciding for a particular procedure, the patient must first consult an ophthalmologist in order to choose the appropriate treatment for his or her pathology.
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