Saturday, 10 January 2015


The cataract are mainly the cloudy areas that mostly appear in the lens of the eye that can cause changes in the eye. A cataract is a painless, cloudy area in the lens of the eyes that will block the passage of the light to the retina.The retina is the nerve layer that is situated at the back of the eye.The nerve cells in the retina will detect the light entering the eye and will send the nerve signals to the brain about what the eyes sees.It is because,the cataract may block this light,which can cause the vision problems.

The aging and the exposure to the sunlight can cause the cataract.Cataract may also appear even after any eye injuries or as a result of any eye disease and also as a result of the diabetes.

Every person can cause the Cataract.There is no age limit.Some childrens are born with cataracts.Cataract may also cause because of the usage of some medicines.

* Diseases inside the eyes such as glaucoma,retinal detachment.
* Long term usage of the steroid medicines.
* Hereditary reasons.
* Frequent radiation treatments.

* Cloudy,fuzzy or foggy vision.
* Will see glare from lamps or from the sun.
* Having trouble for driving at night because of the glare from the headlights.
* Having frequent changes to the eye glassess prescription.
* Having double vision in one eye.

The vision loss from a cataract may often happens slowly.And also,it may never become severe.It should be noted that,sometimes the cataract will never cause any vision problems.

The main treatment for the cataract is the surgery.The surgery can remove the cataract.For most of the adults,the surgery is preferred only when the vision loss caused by the cataract affects the quality of the life.

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