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Treat Cataract With Microincision Cataract Surgery

Cataract is clouding of the lens inside the eye which causes vision loss and cannot be corrected by using power glasses. Technology is improving every day. Today every situation crisis situation is overcome by technology. The modern surgical method can restore the vision lost to cataracts as well as reduce the dependency on glasses. Cataracts mostly occur as you grow older. People above the age of 70 are mostly associated with this vision problem.

The advanced Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery is an effective procedure to restore vision in patients who have lost vision due to cataract. Here are a few things you should know about the surgery.

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How is the procedure conducted?

Also known as Phacoemulsification, the surgery aims at restoring the vision that has become cloudy from cataract. As the cataract starts growing, it blocks the lens of the eye and the vision becomes more blur. Through this procedure, ultrasound power is used to break the cataract into small pieces. Next small incisions are made to suck away those residue pieces. After drawing those pieces an artificial lens, also known as Intraocular lens is implanted in the right place. After being implanted, the lens unfolds to its normal size of 6.6mm.

What are the benefits of this microincision cataract surgery?

Being a minimally invasive process, there are no chances of scars or bruises. It is a no bandage surgery, therefore, the recovery period is quite fast. One of the best parts of the surgery is, no injection is used as a local anaesthesia agent. A few drops of anaesthetic solution are used instead. As no stitches or pain is associated with the surgery, the patient gets released on the very day of the surgery. The surgery also allows early visual rehabilitation for the patient.

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Where should you go for cataract treatment in New Delhi?

Neera Eye Centre is one of the leading eye care hospitals in New Delhi that offers several diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments related to ophthalmology. We use high-end technology and equipment for the best cataract treatment in New Delhi. At Neera Eye Centre we have the world’s best machine Stellaris PC for cataract surgery which is capable of surgery through an incision 1.4 mm ( like a pin Hole). This leads to fast rehabilitation. Both foldable lens and multifocal lens options are available at our centre.

So if you are planning to go through Microincision Cataract Surgery in Delhi, feel free to contact us.

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