Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cataract Operation in Delhi

Cataract is one of the common condition results cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye. Opacity may due to loss of transparency like hydration of  lens fibres and Denaturation of lens protein.Untreated cataract may leads to blindness

Cataract may result as a results of ageing, metabolic disorders, trauma, heredity.The complicated cataracts are due to the disturbances of the malnutrition of lenses due to inflammatory or degenerative diseases of anterior or posterior segment of the eye. 
Are Cataract is only seen in older people?
In most of the cases this condition may happened at the age over 50.  In half of the cases , cataract may happen at the age of  65. Rarely congenital cataract seen in infants, which is actually due to some reasons like the mother got chicken pox, German measles and other infectious diseases during the time of pregnancy.

What are the types of cataracts?
  • Punctate Cataract : It is also called blue dot cataract which is common. Its appears as multiple tiny blue dots scattered over the eyes. The colour is due to the effect of dispersion of light in the same way that sky appears blue.
  • Anterior Polar Cataract : It is seen like a capsule format in the lenses usually the size of a pin's head. This opacity are stationary and rarely interfere in vision.
  • Zonular Cataract : Zonular or Lamellar Cataract is type of commonest developmental cataract presenting visual impairment.

Is there any specific symptoms for cataracts?
There are some of the difficulty that could possess as a symptoms of cataract
  • Blurred Vision
  • Need Frequent Changes in eye glasses or contacts
  • Trouble in driving at night
  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • Changes in colour vision(yellow, orange and red)
  • Coloured halos
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