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ICL Surgery Delhi - Hope for a better clarity vision

 ICL Surgery Delhi

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a surgical procedure for eye patients who are not eligible for LASIK or epi-LASIK to correct the vision. This lens has been available globally and has been successfully planted in several thousand patients..

This lens is being placed within eye during the small outpatient surgical procedure which produce excellent quality of vision.The visian ICL is invisible to patient and others and doesn't require maintenance. It is made from collamer- a collagen polymer.

Collagen is the natural substance present in the eye and in other tissues of human body. Collamer will comply with the eyes natural behaviour and the lens consists of UV filter that protects the eye from direct sunlight.

Are you good for ICL surgery?

In general the ICL candidates are in the ages between 22 and 45.
Candidates with nearsighted with mild or no astigmatism.
Must have more anterior chamber depth and eye tissue cell density
Candidate should not be pregnant
Have no allergies during the procedure.
Candiates who are not good LASIK candidates due to acute nearsightedness, thin corneas, acute dry eyes etc..

Where visian ICL is placed?

A highly trained ophthalmologist will do the procudure by inserting the Visian ICL through a micro incision, placing the implant behind iris and infront of eye's natural lens. The visian ICL is designed in a way that it does not cause trauma to other parts of eyes.

The important thing is that it wont hurt at all and will be comfortable for the whole procedure. Ophthalmologist will apply anesthetic eye-drops and little sedative before the surgical process.

Visian ICL offers the flexibility in treatment. The doctor can replace and remove the ICL if your vision changes dramatically. Following treatment with the ICL Patients can wear glasses or contact lenses as needed.

Neera Eye Centre Delhi

NeeraEye Centre delhi offers the best ICL treatment. It is one of the few centres offering state of the art therapeutic, diagnostic and rehabilitative services of standard quality in ophthalmology.
The eye centre has been registered with Directorate of Health Services and Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

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