Friday, 28 October 2016

The latest developments in cataract surgery say bye to NO VISION

Cataract decreases the vision by clouding the eye lens. It develops gradually. Increased protein in the eye lens forms cataract that makes the vision cloudy. This cloudiness prevents light from passing through the lens, thus causes some vision loss. The older cells accumulated in the center of the lens form a cataract. Total vision deprival happens only when the opacity increases and this indicates the cataract’s maturity.

The general cause for Cataract is aging. The other causes of cataract are congenital anomalies, trauma, exposure to toxic substances, heavy radiation, using corticosteroids or diuretics, diabetic conditions.

The described common symptoms of Cataract are foggy, blurry vision, double vision, sudden changes in glasses prescription, a glaring problem during the day and night times, highly sensitive to sunlight & bright colors and poor vision at night-time.

The eye is an important organ that introduces us everything to see and enjoy. Monitoring eye vision and taking proper eye care make us see the colorful life.

Neera Eye Centre & Laser Vision, New Delhi is one of the renowned eye centres in the country. Dr. Neera Agrawal has been one of the best surgeons of Refractive & Cornea surgery. This modern ophthalmology eye centre serves the patients with cutting edge technology, sincerity, and personal care. Our comprehensive rehabilitation services and sight enhancement elevated us in international standards. Both international and Indian patients prefer to take treatment with us.

The most advanced and most common cataract surgery is nowadays done by Phacoemulsification (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery). Removing a cataract with a small incision by Phacoemulsification method follows with foldable lens implantation. This is a one-day procedure with bloodless, painless treatment. Healing and recovery time in Phacoemulsification surgical procedure are short. Micro phaco cataract surgery, YAG laser for after cataract surgery are some of the advanced cataract treatment options.

Our Speciality
we have recently acquired Bausch and Lomb Stellaris Phaco machine capable of removing cataract from 1.4 mm incision as against 2.8 mm by other machines.

Our Neera Eye Centre & Laser Vision covers all ophthalmological treatments under one roof with experienced physicians, proper diagnosis, and advanced technology.

Keep an eye on your vision to get rid of all eye problems. See colors and make your life more colorful with this gifted organ.
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